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Pocong Real Ghost

Pocong ghosts are one of the foremost popular ghosts in Indonesia. many of us assume that pocong has the origin of individuals who have died. It's said that the pocong rope wasn't removed during the funeral process so that the corpse's soul wandered to invite help to open the pocong rope.

The looks of pocong start from the smoke that appeared right within the middle of his grave belly button. Then, the smoke will become a little creature who is jumping around from the center of his grave within the direction of the corpse's feet after becoming the right pocong figure, this pocong will fly around to frighten humans. Her eyes appear as if they're close to the beginning. There are not any eyebrows or skin flesh. In fact, pocong is an embodiment of spirits and doesn't come from spirits, people that have died.

It said again, pocong features a green face, with empty eyes. Another portrayal states. Pocong faced. Flat, and has hollow eye holes, or covered with cotton. With a pale black face. those that believe in the existence of ghosts assume, pocong may be a form of protests from the oblivious dead were untied, before the tomb was closed. albeit within the movies. Pocong is usually described as jumping around.

Myths about pocong even state that, pocong moves by hovering. This is often understandable because, in films, the pocong cast cannot move his legs. So that walking must jump up and down. This example also gives rise to a press release, which is typically wont to distinguish the first pocong. And faux pocong, among the people. The assumption in pocong ghosts only developed in Indonesia, especially in Java and Sumatra. Even though its description follows the Muslim tradition, other religious communities can also recognize the existence of this ghost. There are various regions in Indonesia several versions of pocong formed from beliefs in life social community.

One among which is that the existence of plastic pocong, which is claimed to possess shocked Jakarta residents. This story about plastic pocong has appeared and has become viral. This story is the story of a pregnant woman who killed her boyfriend. While being autopsied at the hospital.

The adult female body keeps bleeding, therefore the hospital decided to wrap it in plastic. Residents believe that the emergence of this pocong the spirit of the lady wants to be opened plastic ties. On the body.

Another story within the sidoarjo area, east java. there's a version portrayal of pocong by riding a delman. Sidoarjo residents call it "horse cart". The story that's routed with the mystery of the pocong and ghost had stirred the residents of sidoarjo. This pocong ghost has haunted the citizens of sidoarjo almost nightly with the distinctive sound of the delman and therefore the knocking of the door in the dark. Consistent with local residents, the origin of this pocong ghost is thanks to the death of two newlyweds who didn't bless and had an accident while riding a delman.

There also are those that believe that this ghost is the embodiment of magic. The community also believes that the pocong ghost who haunts might be the act of a shaman to frighten the person being addressed.

Even consistent with the community, pocong ghosts of this sort can kill people that are victims. Additionally, pocong ghosts also can be used as a tool to extend the facility of sorcery from the culprit. On the large screen, pocong ghosts are depicted in a way roaming by jumping around, but actually, it isn't like that. The first pocong haunts citizens in a way not jumping but flying or flying.

Consistent with myth, how to avoid being pursued ghost pocong that's, by attaching. Body to the bottom, or lay down, it could even run away, with winding. One taboo thing, but many of us do this is when there are citizens who were killed unnaturally or raped then killed. Usually the buried corpse, the pocong rope isn't removed. This was done so that the spirit pursued, or frighten the murderer. To the victim. However, relations who did it must accept the results. consistent with spiritual experts, if ordinary people and don't understand the unseen world, it's forbidden to undertake it.
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